Overcome the challenges of digital transformation through innovative and flexible infrastructure

As a digital enterprise, cloud first strategies must be consistently implemented to achieve speed and agility. This development is necessary for companies today, however, it is slowed down by outdated network and security architectures. With mispa SD-WAN solutions, companies realize the essential flexibility and security while optimizing costs at the same time.


Smooth access to applications and data is essential for the digitization of more and more processes. In addition, these must be available both on site and in the cloud, as there are increasingly global, mobile employees.

The outdated network based on expensive and inflexible MPLS technology is not suitable for the digital transformation of your business, neither now nor in the future.

Different solutions are required to meet your network, security, cloud, mobility and global needs; simply building such a complex network is difficult and resource-intensive. But there is a better way.

Cloud First - reduce complexity and costs

Features of the mispa SD-WAN solution

Global private backbone network

Together with our SD-WAN partner, we solve the global connectivity problem. Benefit from an ever-growing number of more than 60 Point of Presence (PoPs) in exclusively Tier 4 and IS0 27001 certified data centers at key economic account points around the world. Build your global network on this secure, high-performance foundation.


The Edge SD-WAN device, is a zero-touch device that can be deployed in minutes. These sockets are available in two models: for branch offices and for data centers. They are continuously monitored and updated by mispa Network Operations Center (NOC). All the logic takes place in the SD-WAN cloud, with the edge SD-WAN device implementing the redundant, encrypted and high-performance connectivity that can otherwise only be achieved with MPLS.

Next Generation Firewall

The cloud-based (Firewall as a Service) Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) of the mispa SD-WAN solution provides a high-performance, enterprise-grade, elastic and scalable solution , that grows with your organization without the familiar challenges of on-premises firewall appliance solutions. It applies deep packet inspection (DPI) and multiple security engines to inspect both inbound and outbound traffic and enforce enterprise security policies.

Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) protects users from phishing, malware, and other web threats. This protection applies to your sites, mobile or home office users. In doing so, Secure Web Gateways focus on inspecting all Layer 7 web traffic, both inbound and outbound, unlike traditional firewalls. Cloud-based solution easily scales performance as your organization grows.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Advanced Threat Protection is the combination of network security and related defenses used to combat current and emerging threats. Advanced threat protection in the form of a self-maintaining and continuously updated cloud service is essential for effective security today. Customers thus benefit from an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) integrated into the SD-WAN solution.

Cloud and mobile access and optimization

Secure remote access from the home office and on the road to the cloud or corporate network are the new normal in business today. But traditional centralized access solutions are a poor choice when remote users are working in cloud solutions, such as AWS and Office 365. With the mispa SD-WAN solution providing secure, high-performance access for all employees, limitations are a thing of the past.

What would you like to start with?

MPLS migration to SD WAN solution

By using the Edge SDWAN, you increase usable capacity and improve resilience at a lower cost per megabit. For customers with a global footprint, the affordable global private backbone network enables you to optimize performance and maximize the throughput of local and cloud resources.

Intelligent global networking

To provide a location-independent, SLA-based, reliable and high-performance network,…

– our partner uses global private backbone network with

integrated WAN and cloud optimization.

Secure Internet access for branch offices

By connecting all locations and mobile users to our partner’s global private backbone network via the Edge SD WAN, all corporate data traffic on the Internet and WAN is fully protected by mispa’s Security-as-a-Service solution.

Faster and secure cloud access

The solution accelerates cloud access by routing all cloud traffic to the global private backbone network closest to the cloud destination. Complex and costly deployments of cloud appliances or regional communications node facilities to extend the SD-WAN to the cloud are finally a thing of the past.

Secure and seamless mobile access

The solution’s global networking and security capabilities extend to the laptop, smartphone or tablet of a single mobile user. The solution’s Security-as-a-Service component protects mobile users from threats anywhere and effectively enforces corporate policies and access control for applications and data.

We enable our customers to build, operate and develop their identity lifecycle and governance processes with risk-based and intelligent authentication and authorization in digital ecosystems.

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