The bottom line is that my focus is very clear: safety and responsibility

The mispa solutions

E-mail is the communication medium par excellence, but at the same time it is one of the biggest weak points in the IT security of companies. Sensitizing employees to the dangers is a first step, but equally important are security solutions that also make unintentional mistakes without consequences.

NextGen Mail Security

Includes advanced protection mechanisms to detect, block, and remediate threats faster, prevent data loss, and secure critical information in transit with end-to-end encryption.

Secure Data Communication

In addition to traditional e-mail security, the solution portfolio offers e-mail encryption, secure file transfer and data loss prevention (DLP)


For Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) mispa offers a solution for bundling and analyzing all security-relevant events.

The mispa-Services

We enable our customers to build, operate and develop their identity lifecycle and governance processes with risk-based and intelligent authentication and authorization in digital ecosystems.

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