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Cyber Security Facts

Cyber security threats pose a serious business and existential threat for all companies. Awareness of this is growing rapidly and the topic is now at the top of the corporate agenda. Not only large companies are at risk, but in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as attackers often consider them to be “soft” and therefore very valuable targets.

Cyber-attacks are a very serious threat to the success and survival of companies

40 Mio.

A single company suffered 40 million euros in damage from a ransomware attack.

11,5 Mio.

In 2019, the BSI transmitted 11.5 million reports on malware infections to German network operators.

114 Mio.

BSI counted 114 million malware variants in 2019

Medium-sized companies in the spotlight

The increasing digitalization and use of cloud services increases security risks. mispa Technologies supports large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses in the digitalization process by developing and operating innovative IT security solutions.

The effective protection of the customer’s work against digital theft and sabotage from the outside and inside is mispa’s top priority.

All solutions and services from mispa keep pace with the innovation and business dynamics of the customer and harmonize with the existing budget framework.


Mispa thoroughly secures the cusomer’s entire digital infrastructure: from e-mail to web to cloud security.

Manufacturer-neutral, mispa relies on leading security solutions and technologies – right up to an innovative and cost-optimized offer for Security Operations Centers – also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses!



As a digital enterprise, cloud first strategies must be consistently implemented to achieve speed and agility. This development is necessary for businesses today but is slowed down by outdated network and security architectures. With mispa SD-WAN solutions, companies realize the necessary flexibility and security while optimizing costs at the same time.

Cloud &

Cloud &

Increasing Internet usage, growing number of web and cloud applications mean additional risks in terms of industrial espionage and cyber-attacks.

A smoothly functioning and secure IT and the monitoring of all IT systems are essential. The identification and prevention of attacks is a major challenge.

E-Mail Security

E-Mail Security

Maximum protection – reliable attack prevention

Modern security for E-Mails

mispa’s email security solution resists Trojan malware attacks such as ransomware or spyware

Web Security

Web Security

Increasing Internet usage, rapid cloud acceptance and the growing number of mobile users expose your network to additional risks. Companies suffer enormous damage from industrial espionage or cyber-attacks.

Die mispa-Services

We enable our customers to build, operate and develop their identity lifecycle and governance processes with risk-based and intelligent authentication and authorization in digital ecosystems.

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