Enterprise Network

An enterprise network provides the vital support for a business which encompasses local and wide area networks depending on the operational requirements, integrates all systems accommodating various Operating systems and related devices using the relevant communication protocols. The different components of the enterprise network are connected – Servers and Databases, Network Switches and Hubs, WLAN or Network controllers, client adapters, firewall utilities, connections to Internet and Intranet, Storage devices and end-user systems.

The network is the backbone of every modern business. But the drive for extra capacity & capability, and the pressure on cost control demand a new standard of network provision – from a new breed of provider.

In today’s economy, computer networks are the heart of any business operations. With innovative technologies constantly reinventing business processes, keeping your existing network infrastructure up to the required standard is imperative. mispa provides unbiased recommendations and unparalleled knowledge on networking across various industries. We utilize a complete lifecycle approach such as assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management of your networks.

At mispa Technologies, we offer high-end network consulting, network engineering, network architecture, and implementation. We can handle the design and management of your networking needs at all stages of your design starting from the planning stages to the maintenance of a pre-existing network. Through an experienced-driven service delivery approach, our technical experts have worked with every facet of networking ranging from VoIP implementation to mobile application deployments.


  • Assess your network and technology needs to help you optimize your resources

  • Troubleshoot or fix your network, computer, or any other technical problem

  • Clean up your existing network environment to achieve a stable condition

  • We offer remote, on-site, and off-shore network support 24*7 and 365 days a year monitoring including antivirus and antispyware updates to resolve Windows critical updates

  • We help you plan and implement new network installations and infrastructure using various networking solutions

  • Our experts can recommend suitable solutions for your existing network upgrades including hardware and/or software

  • We provide help with the access points and local wireless LAN in addition to installing switches, routers, and hubs